OrigamiTreats vs Bokksu

We will tell you why we recommend OrigamiTreats.

Origami Treats
Japan-Exclusive SnacksWe offer a wide variety of limited-edition Japanese sweets.
Mostly Mass-Produced Snacks Not sourced from small makers like the website says.
Product Volume
Total Weight: 1300g+ (2.86lb)You can get sweets that can only be tasted in Japan at a great price.
Total Weight: 750g (1.5lb). Approx. half the volume of Origami Treats.
Cost and Shipping
$37.50 (plus $12.50 for express shipping* + tracking).
$49.95 (Shipping* Included).
Japanese companyWe carefully select recommended sweets based on our knowledge of Japanese culture.
New York Company Difficult to work directly with makers.

*Based on US shipping. Last updated: July 2023.

3 Benefits of Origami Treats

  • Enjoy snacks that change monthly

    Please enjoy the snack time that changes every month.

  • Snacks recommended by Japanese staff

    Enjoy snacks carefully selected by our staff who love sweets every month.

  • You can enjoy origami of Japanese culture.

    You can enjoy Japanese culture through delicate and beautiful origami.

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  • I am always excited to receive my OrigamiTreats Box every month. The snacks are fun and yummy! They would make an awesome gift too!”

The largest Japanese snack box in the industry!

15-20Hearty Japanese snack gift

  • Limited edition Japanese drink Cider, Fanta, Nacchan and more!

    Japanese instant noodles Ramen, udon and yakisoba are delicious!

    Unusual Japanese tasteJapanese seasonal flavors!

    Crunchy chips, salty snacks Japanese seasoning flavored snacks!

    "Kawaii" Japanese candyFlavorful chocolates & candies!

    Cakes, Cookies, BreadsJapanese style bakery goods!

  • Worldwide shipping
  • Safe allergen information
  • With origami

Let's enjoy snacks together!

Get a glimpse of daily life in Japan, learn about Japanese pop culture, and enjoy Japanese sweets! It's snack time!

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