Personal Gift

Personal Gift

FAQ - Snack Gift Box

  • Gift option allows you to give the box without any subscription commitment or auto-renewal billing as a gift to your friends, family, or even for yourself! It is perfect for a gift to your beloved ones or for those who want to try Japanese goodies without committing to subscription service!

    Once you purchase the gift plan and fill the recipient's data and your billing address, the recipient will receive an email to redeem the Gift.

    Please note that the boxes purchased through Gift Plan will only be processed and shipped after the Gift is redeemed by the receiver.
    Please see below on how the box will be processed for shipment:

    1.Gift Plan purchased
    2.Gift Claim Link email sent to receiver's email
    3.Receiver input their shipping address and redeem the Gift
    4.Boxes are processed for shipment

    Shipping is not included. You’ll be charged an additional $10.50 USD- $12.50 USD for every box that is shipped from their gift plan. You can check our available shipping options here.

    If the receiver is unable to redeem the gift, kindly contact our support based on your subscription box at For better and faster assistance, kindly let us know the recipient's email address or your invoice number!

Effortlessly delicious Japanese confectionery box

We carefully select Japanese snacks, pack them directly from Japan, and ship them to your home.

The largest Japanese snack box in the industry!

15-20Hearty Japanese snack gift

  • Limited edition Japanese drink Cider, Fanta, Nacchan and more!

    Japanese instant noodles Ramen, udon and yakisoba are delicious!

    Unusual Japanese tasteJapanese seasonal flavors!

    Crunchy chips, salty snacks Japanese seasoning flavored snacks!

    "Kawaii" Japanese candyFlavorful chocolates & candies!

    Cakes, Cookies, BreadsJapanese style bakery goods!

  • Worldwide shipping
  • Safe allergen information
  • With origami